Millard County Tourism
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> Fillmore City
> Cove Fort
> Territorial Statehouse
> Topaz Relocation Site
> Great Basin Museum
> Old Fort Deseret
> Great Stone Face
> Gunnison Massacre
> Veterans Memorial
v Great Basin Nat'l Park
> Fishlake Nat'l Forest
> Volcanoes
> Clear Lake
> Clear Lake Refuge
> Elephant Rock

Great Basin Nat'l Park

Great Basin National Park Millard County is considered by some to be the eastern gateway to Great Basin National Park. From the sagebrush at its alluvial base to the 13,063-foot summit of Wheeler Peak, Great Basin National Park includes streams, lakes, alpine plants, abundant wildlife, a variety of forest types including groves of ancient bristlecone pines.

The park also includes numerous limestone caverns, including beautiful Lehman Caves.

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