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Delta Utah

Delta City

Delta City Park

Our community is pleased that you have taken the time to visit the official Millard County Tourism site, and particularly for following the link to learn more about our prosperous rural city here in western Millard County. We believe that Delta City, and others in the county, coupled with the wide-open expanses of public-use land, make this central part of Utah an awesome vacation destination, whether you come to stay and play for a couple days, a week or a month.

With approximately 3,500 residents within the City of Delta, we are the largest incorporated city in the county. For your benefit and also for those who live here, we have a relatively diverse mix of businesses and merchants poised to meet your nearly every need when you are here in the West Millard county area. Be prepared to be greeted with a smile and offered a hand-shake at your every turn. We have all the amenities that you could need without the hassle associated with major metropolitan areas.

Within Delta City you will find several financial institutions, full-service automobile dealerships, gas, diesel and propane stations, multiple grocery and convenience stores, motels, restaurants, a private club, farm and home supplies, specialty products, physicians, a hospital, churches of various denominations, auto parts, hardware, clothing and general retail stores, etc. If you are traveling in an RV, we also have a nice RV park.

If you are planning to visit our community and the western side of our county, consider the following activities: camping, hiking, fishing, swimming, boating and water-skiing at the Gunnison Bend Reservoir, four-wheeling at the sand dunes and on the west desert trails, or playing golf on the most beautiful course around. You can also take in a movie, bowl, dig for ancient trilobite fossils, challenge your skills at our skate park, be a participant in a regional sporting activity, or just come and relax in our city park and dangle your feet in the coolness of the water coming down from the waterfall, or visit our world-class library for much more than a literary experience.

We also have the Great Basin Museum, which houses many historical artifacts, including everything you ever wanted to know about the Topaz Internment Camp. If this isn't enough enticement, don't forget that Delta is your gateway from the east to the Great Basin National Park just across the state line into Nevada.

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